About us

We are a family run Cochrane-based business with big ideas. Our mission is to repurpose wine and beer bottles, and in the process, create community and joy.

Peregrine Glassworks' process involves cutting, grinding and finally sandblasting beautiful local designs onto each unique glass. We are always expanding our designs, with imagery reflecting the natural world and southern Alberta culture.

Our team at Peregrine Glassworks reflects our business values. Resourcefulness and practicality are core values of our ‘Chief Scientist’ Hugh who was raised on a farm in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. And the value of “treading lightly on the earth” fits well with Peggy’s values and her nature-loving upbringing in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Finally, creativity is a core value demonstrated by Lina, the amazing sister-in-law, who transforms abstract ideas into graphic reality.

The process brings new life to bottles that would have ended up in a waste stream. We are proud to be ‘upcycling’ in a way that has both heart and logic.

We want to connect with our customers and create practical, reliable glassware for everyday use and special, memorable gifts. Contact us for more information, to see our latest designs or to realize your unique ideas on glass.