We make memorable and functional home decor from repurposed wine and beer bottles - inspired by nature and crafted in the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Each bottle is taken through a nine step process including being cut, ground and sandblasted to a beautiful hand-crafted glass, vase, bowl or lamp. View our process videos for some of the steps demonstrated. Each glass is carefully inspected to make sure it has smooth, finished rim and greatest durability.

Our products are used for:

everyday Drinkware

  • Our glasses are a stylish and practical addition to your table and they will be the focal point of numerous conversations. They are durable, microwavable and dishwasher safe and will bring beauty and function into your home for years to come.

memorable gifts

  • Our products make gift-giving easy, as you have found something truly unique that will not soon be forgotten. We can personalize the glasses as wedding gifts or for a special family occasion.

Client or Promotional Gifts

  • If you need to say thanks to a client, or an employee, our glasses can be customized for such timely events. We can partner with your company to make a memorable, unique and thoughtful promotional product.


  • If you have a gift shop or an artisan store, connect with us to build a wholesale relationship.